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This theme was coded by Josh and inspired by Twitter. To request a new theme or have a question answered, please send an email to:

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Oct 18

Post-Date CSS Bug Fixed

I believe I owe all of you appologies for not answering all of your emails. They were all centered around this problem though it was actually quite simple how it happened: I made a small typo and left out the {/block:NewDayDate} block in the HTML portion of the code.

That is what caused the CSS to act strange and leave the rest of the posts transparent, or not related to the base container that keeps the posts. In other words, all your tumblelogs using this theme assumed that your were only displaying one post per page.

While this became a very annoying issue, I had just recieved an email yesterday from a Thomas Barthelet stating the exact problem and location of the missing HTML tag, and so I went in to fix it.

So, thanks to Thomas for putting in his time to help solve this issue! I hope that this hasn’t discouraged many of you from using the theme still. As always, send any design suggestions, bug reports, or compliments to

(Yes, my email did change, hopefully this one is easier to remember.)

Aug 08
Aug 01

Some Major Theme Problems

One of them has been obviously noticed the last few days and it appears to be a graphics bug. I have found no problems with the CSS or HTML code as I have not modified the code since the last update.

As far as it concerns the usage, I can only conclude it is either a browser problem or a bug in Tumblr. I have encountered a few of these already when I first created it, but it reverted back to its original layout over time.

If I may suggest for any FF users, please download Firebug and see if you can identify any code errors. In the meantime, I will do my best to solve this problem.

Thankyou for support,


Jun 22
Jun 12

Short Description

This theme was inspired by Twitter users and was coded using the Fold theme as a base. I added a custom search, a Twitter badge (you can remove the code and put your own content if you’d like), and other neat features that match up with your average Twitter profile.

Download Twittr Inspird

  1. Click here to download the theme code
  2. Copy the theme’s text
  3. Open up your Dashboard, navigate to the Customize section.
  4. Select the ‘Theme’ tab, and be sure to enable Custom HTML themeing.
  5. Select all the text currently in the box and replace with the text copied in Step 2.
  6. Customize your colors, add your CustomCSS (both optional), and click “Save Changes”
  7. And you’re all done!
Please report any bugs to
The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance, and this, and not the external manner and detail, is true reality.
— Aristotle
Passing clouds before a storm rolls in. (Via, Flickr)
Passing clouds before a storm rolls in. (Via, Flickr)

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Theme by Josh. Inspired by Twitter.